Now that season two of the relationship comedy/drama :Smoke and Mirrors: is well on its way, new episodes are coming out on a regular basis, once a week.
Created by Artemus Jenkins and writer and director KarynRose Bruyning, the series takes a decidedly off center look at modern romance.
The just released Episode 4, according to Jenkins, "follows up from the developments of last season, in which Laloni told Dixon, ‘It’s always about you,’ which may be true. It might be so true that he neglected to learn about Laloni’s past. When faced with Laloni’s life before him, Dixon has zero chill!”
And remember, the creators will be offering two options for viewing this season. The series will still continue on YouTube, but they will also be making the entire series available, including outtakes, filmmakers commentary, behind the scenes footage and “whatever other cool stuff we can think of" through their VHX site, on a VOD basis.
You can order now by going to their website HERE; and then “sit back and wait for the cool messages to show up in your inbox."

Here is Episode 4: