Watch Spike Lee’s short film contribution to the World Cup (which kicked off today), a short film titled “Pixote’s Game,” featuring “The Game,” a track from Kelly Rolland, which was recorded for Pepsi’s “Beats of the Beautiful Game” campaign album, whose tracklist includes songs by Janelle Monáe, Rita Ora, and Timbaland.
Each song on the album will have its own short film, helmed by directors including Idris Elba (his short film contribution was featured on this blog 2 weeks ago HERE) and Diego Luna. 
“We hope that fans of both artforms find that this unique combination embodies the true spirit of the beautiful game,” Frank Cooper III, chief marketing officer for Pepsi, recently explained. “Beats of the Beautiful Game” is available to download now.
Watch Spike Lee’s “Pixote’s Game” below: