The 15 min Alambamento has been well-received this year at various film festivals, including the Black Harvest and Pan African film festivals. It will screen next at the Bahamas International Film Festival on December 3rd.

Written and directed by Mario Bastos and starring Correia Adão and Marieta Cabuço, Alambamento tells the story of “Matias,” who on his way to delivering “the dowry for his fiancé in Luanda, has an unexpected accident in front of her place that turns his joyous day into an absolute nightmare.” The accident makes him realize how much he is willing to fight for her love.

I love the romantic premise. It makes me wonder why don’t black filmmakers here think of something like this? A romance with no hesitation, games or second guessing, simply a man who on his way to proposing to his girlfriend, something terrible happens; then he’ll heroically strive to overcome every obstacle to reunite with the love of his life, just to get married, I mean, isn’t that every man’s dream? 🙂 No? Oh well.

Anyways, here’s the trailer.