I’d expect that by now, most, if not all of you, have seen BBC One’s six part mini-series Luther, starring Idris Elba.

The show is an intense, disturbing and fascinating crime thriller, with Elba as a tortured, complex and driven London homicide detective, with a messy private life, and a specialty in serial killers. It’s, without question, some of the best work Elba has done since The Wire.

The British series eventually made it to the USA, and has been available on DVD and VOD for some time; so, if you still haven’t seen any of Luther, I encourage you to do so before season 2 debuts, likely later this fall. Shooting is complete, and the production is currently in post-production, according to a letter from the BBC last month.

And in anticipation of season 2, marketing efforts have begun, first, as I posted earlier this week, with a a 5-part video Q&A series titled Ask Idris, featuring video clips of Elba answering, on camera, fan-submitted questions specifically about Luther.

Today, we get the first teaser trailer for Season 2, which still doesn’t have an official debut date, but will likely be some time in the fall.

Watch it below (h/t Starfishncoffee for the link):