nullYou can
expect that when Terrance Nance, the filmmaker who made the unexpected and hard
to categorize relationship film, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty, makes a music
video, it’s not going to be your average music video.

And that all

Calling it “a
magical realist film” his new music video for the New York City band The Dig  entitled “You and I and You” is simple yet complex,
challenging but easy to get into,  surrealistic and also oddly logical.  

The band, which contributed several songs to the Oversimplification soundtrack, creates music
that Nance says plays with “transcendence and simplicity and unseen forces” which
inspired his approach for the video.

“I think
that those things worked their way from the music to my subconscious, and then
into the film.”

Check it out: