Some Friday fun…

These videos are old. And I mean old in Internet years. I remember watching these cats (they call themselves Pstola) back in 2005, during the very early years of video sharing sites like YouTube. 

This was before the prevalance of web series; before humor sites like Funny Or Die were created. I'd even call them trailblazers. But at the time, a lot of us were still using dial up Internet services, and, while it seems like ages ago, I don't think online video sharing was anywhere close to what it is today – 7 years later.

And for that reason (and others) very few folks actually saw Pstola's work. I'm not even sure terms like "viral video" existed yet in the online space.

But thanks to a reminder I received today, I thought I'd post some of their skits for those who haven't seen any of them. 

No, production values aren't what we'd call high, but none of that mattered, because we just thought that they were hilarious (and I still do), and kind of fresh at the time; few folks (especially black folks) were actually using the web for this kind of content.

So props to Pstola for getting in early; I'm told they disbanded a few years ago and are have gone on to do other things. But I'll see if I can get ahold of them for a chat and update.

Watch what I felt were two of their funnier skits; first The Corporate Negro; and then Thangs part 1 & 2:

Here's Thangs part 1:

And here's Thangs Part 2: