The 55-min documentary Daughters of the Niger Delta was filmed by 9 young women from the Niger Delta, who were trained in filmmaking via FEMSCRIPT project’s MIND program.

The documentary, described as “an intimate film portrait of three ordinary women in the Niger Delta who manage to make ends meet against all odds,” will screen at the 2013 Rwanda Film Festival, which runs July 20-26. Daughters chronicles the the personal stories of the three women, uncovering human violation rights that go beyond the environmental pollution of the Niger Delta.

Here’s more about the film:

Rather than repeating the usual media stories about oil outputs, conflict, and kidnapping, Daughters of the Niger Delta focuses on the strength and resilience of three everyday heroines who overcome hardship and give their children hope for a better future. Women may be the best captains to navigate the Niger Delta out of its troubled waters – if only they would get the chance.

Watch the trailer below: