The film Documentary Sarabah will be featured at the 2011 Heartland Film Festival, which runs from Oct 13th through Oct 22nd. The 60-min documentary by Gloria Bremer and Maria Luisa Gambale centers around Senegalese rapper/singer/activist Fatou Mandiang Diatta AKA Sister Fa and her music and activism against “Female Genital Cutting” of girls in Senegal.

Full storyline:

Rapper, singer and activist, Sister Fa is a hero to young women in Senegal and an unstoppable force for social change. A childhood victim of female genital cutting (FGC), she tackled the issue by starting a grassroots campaign, “Education Without Excision,” which uses her music and persuasive powers to end the practice.

But until 2010 there’s one place she had never brought her message – back home to her own village of Thionck Essyl, where she fears rejection. Sarabah follows Sister Fa on this challenging journey, where she speaks out passionately to female elders and students alike, and stages a rousing concert that brings the community to its feet. A portrait of an artist as activist, Sarabah shows the extraordinary resilience, passion and creativity of a woman who boldly challenges gender and cultural norms. It’s an inspiring story of courage, hope and change.

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Watch the trailer below.