Here’s a film getting major buzz on the festival circuit. It’s called Junkhearts and it’s a gritty, psychological thriller dealing with drugs, homelessness and alcoholism.

The debut feature for BAFTA award-winning director Tinge Krishnan, the film stars Eddie Marsan, newcomer Candase Reid, Tom Sturridge, Romola Garai and Shaun Dooley. John Boyega makes a small appearance in the film as well.

Film synopsis:

A lonely ex-soldier in his 50s and at a crisis point in his life, Frank (Eddie Marsan) traipses the pavement between his flat and the local off licence with increasing regularity, stocking up on the booze and fags he appears to exist on. On one of his shopping trips, he comes across Lynette (Candese Reid), a black teenager sleeping rough, and, though initially frosty toward each other, the unlikely pair bond.

Meanwhile, high-powered businesswoman Christine (Romola Garai) struggles to hold things together, juggling job, drug habit, affair with a married man and being mother to a baby daughter, without great success. All three characters are searching for some kind of hope or redemption, though when Lynette’s manipulative, menacing boyfriend Danny (Tom Sturridge) appears on the scene, it appears things could get worse for them all before they get any better.

The film recently screened at the BFI London Film Festival and will open in the UK on November 4th. Below is the trailer and an interview clip with cast members.