The Hollywood Black Film Festival is underway and there’s definitely some selections in the lineup you won’t want to miss such as the inspirational documentary I Am A Dream Chaser.

Directed by Darrick Patterson, the film takes an honest look at a few rising talents in Atlanta who are seeking and living out there dreams. Profiled in the film are Miya Bailey, CiCi Kelley, Derek Blanks, Adrene Ashford and Rob Hardy.


Have you ever wanted to have a conversation with someone who had the audacity to follow their passion and live their dream? Here’s your chance! I AM A DREAM CHASER is an intriguing documentary about 5 talented people based in Atlanta , Georgia who are successfully living their dreams! Each individual openly shares their inspiring stories of failure, perseverance and triumph, while providing a glimpse into their world. Their relatable experiences, diverse backgrounds and unique career paths make for in-depth conversations that speak to YOU! When trying to achieve goals in life and the odds seem stacked against you, sometimes you need a positive push. This film is it! This film motivates!

You can check the schedule for the festival HERE.