As I have said before, we get a lot of requests from
filmmakers to write about their web series, and too often, they fall into the “confused
millennials trying to find themselves in the urban morass
” sort of thing, which
I, admittedly, being older, find uninteresting. If you’ve seen one, believe me, you’ll
seen them all.

But I’m always looking for something different, challenging,
and more creative; and as luck would have it, here’s your first look at an
upcoming web series that looks pretty interesting to say the least.

It’s a sci-fi series called Seeing Tomorrow, written and directed by Joddy Eric Matthews, and produced
by Joseph Primes who also plays the lead in the series – a “lonely
accountant, who orders a simple lunch date with a Companion, an artificial
life-forms that serve as cures for an increasingly disconnected world.
So naturally he can’t believe his good luck when, in walks a “Nina” model (played by Katrice Headd), a companion with a
complex past and a plan that takes Jeremiah on the ride of his life.

According to Primes, he wanted to produced a sci-fi series
because of the importance of the genre and what it can do, stating: “Science fiction often gives society a
chance to look at difficult concepts such as freedom and dying without
compromise, that’s what this film does. At its core, it’s a film about rights, the
right to be free, to live, to determine your own destiny.

Headd said that she loves playing the role of Nina
because she is “a decidedly African- American hero, a real sister that kicks major

Also adding to the uniqueness of the series are its special
effects, thanks to animation director Chris Kennedy and Matthews, who’s a director
with the Cleveland based VFX company MadWerkz
, and who previously worked
with such major VFX firms as Industrial Light and Magic and Digital Domain.

That to Heead was a great help, because Matthews
understood “visually where the real world stops and where the virtual world
continued, and he made it easy for us as actors to see this world also.

The series as its own Facebook HERE and makes its
premiere on Vimeo on Demand and YouTube on May 24th

Here’s the trailer