"Black Rose" is a one hour dramatic TV pilot in the works conceived, written and directed by Harry Davis, and produced by Michael Phillips, who have been working together on projects since the 1990’s.
Set in the fictionalized urban area known as Brownsville, the show follows anthropology professor Dr. Roxanna Black (played by Tiffany Rachelle Stewart) who has been searching for a missing niece, lost within the foster care system. But to make matters worse, the community has been plagued by a series of kidnappings of black orphan girls, which has set the entire city on edge.
Not only does Dr. Black eventually discover  that all the clues lead a vast conspiracy with a sinister goal, but she also has to deal with her own internalized trauma regarding a tragic event in her past which has scarred her psychologically.
As the filammakers say about the potential series: "Ultimately, the series exposes the best and the worst aspects of human nature, examining the good and evil in us all."
Ms. Stewart won the Best Actress award at the New York Television Fest pilot competition last month, and the makers say that they already have had "meetings with established TV production companies, and will have followup meetings with their team, as well as with some cable networks in the days ahead."

Take a look at the trailer for "Black Rose" below: