Here’s an insightful documentary that screened last month at the Urbanworld Film Festival. It’s called Sonia Sanchez: Shake Loose Memories and is described as…”a musical and poetic journey through the life, art and activism of black arts movement icon, Sonia Sanchez.”

The film is directed by former Black Panther Party member Jamal Joseph. Joseph, who’s an Associate Professor at Columbia University School of The Arts, was apart of the New York “Panther 21” who were charged and eventually acquitted of conspiracy charges.

Later, he was convicted of being an accessory, hiding Panther fugitives from the FBI along with weapons possession and use. He served six years at Leavenworth.

After watching her perform, Joseph decided to do the film because he felt “her work is a study in life, sound and motion” and that it would be a powerful film.

Below are clips of the trailer and a brief interview with Ms. Sanchez and Joseph.