nullHere is the first trailer for the new TBS comedy series "Angie Tribeca," starring Rashida Jones as a cop on the Los Angeles Police force in the RHCU (Really Heinous Crimes
Unit). It’s obvious from the trailer that the show is trying to recapture
that joke-a-second, off-the wall absurdist humor from other similar TV police comedies
of the 1980’s, such as the still classic "Police Squad" with Leslie Nielsen (which became the basis for those hysterical "Naked
Gun" comedy movies) and "Sledgehammer."

However something seems off in this trailer. The humor feels too forced and not
absurdist enough, and Jones, at least to me, is woefully miscast in the role. She doesn’t seem to understand this kind of humor, or get into the spirit of things. But there’s something else too…

I just can’t
put my finger on it. But there’s something about her that annoys me. I’m trying to
come with a word…

O.K. she’s passing.

There… I said it. She’s passing. She’s always been passing. Even her sister Kidada said so herself (in an interview back in 2012 and, yes, I looked that up).

So I guess
it means that I probably won’t be watching "Angie Tribeca" even though I love "Police Squad."

The question is will you?