Christian Keyes (Dysfunctional Friends) and LeToya Luckett (The Preacher's Kid), both who I had a pleasure to meet at the 2012 American Black Film Festival two months ago, star in the romantic comedy Note To Self, written by Keyes and directed by Trey Haley.

The film is described as "A "Coming of Age" Film in the Vein of 'Love and Basketball' meets 'Good Will Hunting.'"

Note To Self also stars Richard T. Jones, Clifton Powell, Jason Weaver, Eva Pigford, Valerie Pettiford among others.

The film will be available on DVD/VOD this October 2nd.

Full Synopsis:

Curtis King (Christian Keyes) is a handsome and popular student athlete, liked by everyone. Although he started college late due to his mother’s reoccurring illness, Curtis thinks he has overcome life’s hurdles and is on top of the world. He is in a Fraternity, on the basketball team, carrying a full class load, and interning at the University hospital under Dr. Thompson (his therapist and boss). This is Curtis’ senior year, which he is expecting to be filled with parties, women and fun which in the beginning is exactly that. However, Curtis’ world begins to fall apart due to his mom’s (Valarie Pettiford), failing health and the reappearance of his father (Richard T. Jones.) after 16 years. Curtis confides in Dr. Thompson (Brian McKnight) the therapist whom he interns for, about the things he is going through. Dr. Thompson recommends that Curtis start writing it all down in his journal so he can explore his thoughts and feelings ala NOTE TO SELF. While struggling with his issues, in his love life Curtis is torn with his relationship he has with his “friend” Karen (Eva Pigford) and the new woman he is intrigued with Paula Whitaker (LeToya Luckett), a part time student, nurse, and full time pessimist on the subject of love and men. Paula has a 6 year old daughter named Katrina and a best friend Tiffany Grace (Brely Evans) who is the misery in “misery loves company”. Her antics and advice, though funny, only make matters worse. Curtis on the other hand, deals with peer pressure from his mischievous roommate and frat brother Jay Lewis (Jason Weaver), and his neighbor “Soup” (J.T. Jackson) the infamous super senior. As they encounter classes, parties, basketball games, Greek Weekend, blockbuster night’s, passion, humor, pain, loss and gain, Curtis inevitably learns from his sessions with Dr. Thompson and self realization that he must release his mother, regain his father, find true love, graduate, and finally understand his NOTE TO SELF.

You can watch our ABFF video interview with Keyes and Luckett HERE.

Watch the trailer below: