nullNo need to
tell you that the education system in this country is a wreck. And even more so
for black and POC students. Add to that the violence that takes place on a
regular basis in communities across the country, and it’s a wonder how any
student can make it through each day.

So in an
effort to bring the situation to light, and possibly to enact some real change, comes the independently produced TV pilot, “MysEducation,” created, written and executive
produced by Yakira Chambers, along with co-exec-producer Jason Calabro, and directed
by Jarrett Conaway.

Starring Ashalyn
Garner, Courtney Howe, Maryam Myika Day, Philip Prendergast, Chaize Macklin and
Kenesha Hemmings, the show focused on two black female high school students: Tomi (Howe), an overachieving, intelligent, college prep high school student struggling
to fit and achieve in what she calls the alien environment of a “grandfather
clause, members only” society; and Kayla (Garner), a bright and determined freshman high school students
struggling with her everyday surroundings and her academic pursuit.

Ms Chambers
says that she was inspired to create the pilot, which she intends to make into a
regular series, because there are currently no dramatic TV shows led by teen
girls of color. She wants to tell a “universally
relatable story through a unique perspective that is also one of survival and

Check out
the trailer below, and then go HERE to check out the "MysEducation’s" website: