Below is the trailer and brief clip from a really terrific and entertaining new documentary Phunny Business. And I’m not saying that because a certain person is quoted in the trailer. First time I’ve seen it. I had NO idea. Scout’s honor.

The film chronicles the rise and eventual fall of the legendary black comedy club All Jokes Aside, co-founded by Raymond Lambert, (pictured above) which, during its glorious decade-long run, was the starting place for literally every black comedian working today: Cedric The Entertainer, Chris Rock, Steve Harvey, Jamie Foxx, the late Bernie Mac. The list goes on forever, including a few white and Latino comics as well.

The film is currently making the film festival rounds including the Black Harvest Film Festival in Chicago, where it sold out Saturday night, and the second showing on the festival’s closing night on Sept 1st sold out days ago.

However don’t despair. There are plans in the works for the film to be screened theatrically at AMC Theaters nationwide, and it will be shown on the Showtime channel in Feb. 2012.

Here’s the trailer for the film.

And here’s brief clip from the film as well.