nullThis sort of thing always amuses me when it happens; but it's par for the course in show biz. 

What I'm referring to is, whenever some actor or actress becomes Hollywood's new A list darling, someone goes back and finds some old film made years eariler, when they were complete unkowns, and tries to pass it off as a just-recently made movie. Case in point, The Poker House.

The film stars Jennifer Lawrence, who is hot, hot, hot in Hollywood right, because of the The Hunger Games and her soon to be released movie, The Silver Lining Playbook, which some insiders are saying she mght get the Best Actress Oscar for.

However, back in 2008, when she was a struggling actress trying to make a name for herself, she made this low budget film, The Poker House, directed by actress Lori Petty (Point Break), based on her hard-scrabble life growing up in Iowa.

But that didn't stop the producers from passing off the film as a new project to foreign distibutors at last month's Amercian Film Market in Los Angeles. More interestingly, to me at least, is that the film also stars Bokeem Woodbine, who, judging from the trailer, has a prominent role in the film, and David Alan Grier, who also co-scripted the film with Petty.

I'm curious to see it just for those two alone.

Here's the trailer: