Introducing 'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah'I like what Trevor Noah did during last night’s episode of "The Daily Show" – an African (specifically South African) host of a very American brand, using humor served via the egotist that is the very American Donald Trump, to educate American audiences (a younger audience especially, the so-called leaders of tomorrow) on African realities, however incomplete in this case (dictators, past and present, of certain African countries). 

Before last night’s broadcast, I’m not sure any comedian was aware and bold enough to make comparisons (broad or otherwise) between Donald Trump and the likes of Idi Amin (Uganda), and Muammar Gaddafi (Libya). But Noah does so quite adroitly, to an audience that seemed, at first, irresolute, but then eventually appeared to jump on board for the ride Noah was taking them on.

When I learned he would be replacing Stewart, I did wonder whether his "African-ness" (if you will) would manifest itself in his "Daily" routines, and how American audiences would react to that shift (from long-time host Stewart). So far, so good. We’re only 4 nights into what I hope will be a lengthy reign for Noah as host of "The Daily Show." And while TV critics have been mixed thus far, as I said in a previous item, it’s much too early to reach a conclusion on how effective he’s going to be. He will have to make the show his own (and not just be a seat filler for former host Stewart), and, as with much of the rest of TV, some audiences will appreciate the trip; and others won’t.

Watch last night’s episode below in which Noah was faced with his toughest challenge of his first 4 days in office – addressing the mass shooting in Oregon yesterday; something he probably didn’t imagine he’d be faced with immediately.