With a name like Valentin Narcisse, I can only imagine what’s in store for the new character that Jeffrey Wright plays in the upcoming fourth season of the lauded HBO series, Boardwalk Empire.

We can assume an inordinate conceit of his own superiority which likely manifests itself in contempt of others. Like Albert ChalkyWhite, for example, the character played by Michael K. Williams in the series, as the new spot below suggests.

Wright, in a series regular role, plays Valentin Narcisse, Doctor of Divinity, philanthropist, student of culture and the man who runs Harlem!
His daughter, Maitland, is played by Margot Bingham.
I’m currently playing catch-up on the series, since I’d never really gotten into it previously, and so missed just about all of the past seasons. I should be all caught up before the new season begins on September 8.