More visual poetry from director Alan Spearman (this is the 3rd short film of his that we've featured in the last couple of weeks. I'm enjoying going through his library of short works; I appreciate his eye, and obviously the subject matter he chooses to tackle on film, and the style in which he works.

This one is titled April. 

Faith Jackson’s smile obscures the pain of the past and her fear of bullets flying past her mother's apartment in the Soulsville neighborhood of Memphis. But Faith has a refuge: A magnolia tree that she has named April gives her comfort. She enters April through a hole in the trunk and waters her and checks her heartbeat. Nearby, Hattie Mae is a fading echo of the young girl. The ailing older woman looks back and dreams of youth and health. She places handwritten messages on a giant battered tree stump in her front yard telling those who pass to live now.

Watch the film below: