nullA topical Short Shout! today (as the world’s attention is on Nigeria, in part due to the recent Chibok schoolgirl kidnappings) from director Orlando von Einsiedel, titled “Radio Amina,” which follows 12-year-old Amina Dibir, as she comments on the plight of girls just like her in Nigeria, and shares her own personal dreams, as well as those for other girls, with “Radio Amina” referencing the platform from where she broadcasts her ideas and opinions to a listening populace. 

Here’s more from the filmmaker:

The film alternates back and forth between the gray reality of Amina, one of the many young street peddlers in the country, and a much brighter, more colorful world. The image blurs, the buttons of the sound studio come into focus, and the “On Air” light goes on.

The film was made for – a partnership between the UK’s Department for International Development and the Nike Foundation. It’s goal is to empower millions of adolescent girls around the world.

Watch Amina dispense wisdom and wishes in the 8-minute short film “Radio Amina” below: