If you're not following Will Smith on Instagram, we've already told you why you need to be. He's hilarious and his antics never stop. Celebrating his son, Jaden, hitting 100 million streams on Spotify, Smith showed his fatherly support by trolling.

Dressing similarly to his son, The Fresh Prince created a parody video for Jaden's "Icon" music video. At the time of publication, the parody has sparked over 2.7 million laughs so far, and it's only been up for 10 hours.

Jaden Smith's debut studio album, SYRE, hit this milestone mark earlier this month. The album and video are‌ dope, but your parents wouldn't be your parents if they didn't embarrass you at least a little. ‌The parody has received much positive feedback so far, including a message from Jaden himself.

Ever since Jaden and Will's roles together in The Pursuit of Happyness, people enjoy the duo together. Do you think we'll see them on the big screen together again?

Would y'all watch this? A twist on Freaky Friday about a son trying to go viral and his old school dad. Son records dad going on a rant about kids on phones, it goes viral. Dad is Insta-famous, son is his MGR, it changes both of them forever. Starring Will and Jaden Smith. pic.twitter.com/OqobZoeOdY

— Jozen (say Joe-Zen) (@jozenc) February 3, 2018

Check out Jaden's original "Icon" video for yourself.