ABC’s Black-ish made a brave choice to discuss police brutality on Wednesday night’s episode.

police brutality

The show centered around the fictional killing of a black teen by police officers and the real frustrations the Johnson family feels with the justice system’s response to the killing. The episode is marked by arguing, confusion, anger and devastation as the family debates this very emotional issue. Folks took to Twitter to share their feelings about the episode. Here are some of the reactions that so perfectly capture how it felt to watch Black-ish address police brutality.

1. This episode was the epitome of when keeping it real goes right

2. Realer than reality TV actually

3. It was moving

4. Some say it was even epic

5. Its best moments had to be savored

6. It showed the sitcom’s power…

7. Reminding people of the importance of diversity in media

8. People showed off their pride for the show

9. It addressed hopelessness but gave hope

10. It reminded us to cheer “Black Lives Matter” from the rooftops

11. The show acknowledged that there is a war going on

12. And people just want the war to end

13. It brought us back to this historical moment and reminded us that we all collectively held our breath

14. The episode was historical in and of itself

15. It highligthed the importance of discussing police brutality with the family

16. It captured our excellence

17. And how the point is to not give up

18. It had us in our feelings

19. We may have teared up a little bit…

20. …or a lot

21. This episode forced us to reflect…

22. And reminded us to keep talking about these issues…

23. And encouraged us to keep taking action

24. The episode is worth all the praise

25. The whole cast and crew deserve recognition

26. Of course, there was a bit of criticism…

police brutality

27. But… Twitter was ready with clever clapbacks, as always

police brutality
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What did you think of Black-ish taking on police brutality? Tell us how you feel about it in the comments!

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