FIGHT! FIGHT! Erykah and Wayne are having a fight!

So in the ongoing heated discussion regarding that controversial Eryakah Badu and Flaming Lips music video where Ms. Badu shows off her chesticles and nether regions, front man for the Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne is not taking too kindly to her criticisms claiming that she and her sister Nayrok had been exploited by them, and that the version of the video released was a version not apporoved her.

Personally I think it is the version of the video she wanted to release, and when the reaction to it was overwhelmingly negative, she resorted to the same excuse Mary J. Blige used for her Burger King chicken wraps commercial that everyone hated. You know the "this is not the version of the video I approved of even though I was on the set for three days shooting" excuse.

Well, yesterday, Coyne tweeted a few responses to Badu's attack on him and the video.

First there was this tweet:

"Well yeah! We obviously barged into Erykah's house while she was taking a bath and made her sing the song while we filmed it!!! It was wrong."

Followed by this:

"And then went to her sister's house and did the same thing??? She had 3 tubs..A glitter, a blood and semen filled…We snuck in."

Followed by:

"She didn't know we, six white dudes with lights and camera, were there. While she played in a tub of semen we secretly filmed."

Then finally:

"Here's @fatbellybella and me. you can't see but I'm actually holding a gun to her head making her look at the camera."

And he incldued this still:


No response from Badu yet, but you know it's coming…