Grab your girlfriends, pour some wine, and log in to YouTube for the hottest web series out of Africa yet!


In An African City, five friends, Nana Yaa, Ngozi, Makena, Sade, and Zainab have returned to Ghana to experience the ups and downs of being a single woman in the motherland. For many millennials of the diaspora, returning home presents a lot of challenges, what with being westernized and all. 

There’s the whole left-hand rule:


Between the left-hand rule and not bringing shame on your family, I’m not sure which is more disrespectful.

And good luck bringing your vegetarian palate to your mother’s table…


And you must know how to do business…bribe! Everyone speaks money in Africa, and if you don’t have the money you’re likely to be mistranslated.Customs-Drugs

Or simply not knowing your native tongue…


And then being guilted for a decision your parents made to not teach you their language. I mean, it’s not our fault!


Then there’s the sad realization that there’s still a colonized mentality prevalent throughout the continent…


And they will let you know that the way your hair grows out of your scalp is an inconvenience to them, by any means necessary…


Or frequently being offered bleaching cream like it’s chewing gum.


Okay girl.


But don’t worry because there ARE perks! The men in this show are like…


Get it, girl!


Yes, ma’am. Yes, ma’am.


Whew, chile.


And to top it all off, these women are just so poised and beautiful, and you’ll just stare and dream of wearing their amazing clothes, and having their awesome hair and just being fabulous.



This is the kind of web series enjoyed best with friends. So get together with your best girlfriends and make sure you’re all caught up with Season 1, because we hear Season 2 is in the works.


And don’t forget the snacks!