nullWe don’t have to tell you that the web series revolution is
here, with a dizzying number of new content creators looking to find an
audience online. We can’t profile them all, and always encourage you to seek
out this content and support what you like – for the sake of seeing it continue
online, but also to help it reach other platforms like television.

Here’s a look at a few of the latest series to keep your eye

Hard Times

An out-of-work personal trainer takes up exotic dancing to
make extra cash.

The series recently premiered its third episode on Issa
Rae’s YouTube channel, and we’ve also covered writer-director Tahir
Jetter’s making-of journey with the S&A Filmmaker Diary Series here.

You can follow "Hard Times" here. See Episode 3 below:

Good Girls

Written, created by and starring Rhavynn Drummer, "Good
Girls" follows four women of faith trying to make their morality jibe with
the Atlanta dating scene. Drummer created the series after working as the
in-house casting director for Tyler Perry Studios.

"Good Girls" premiered on June 29 and new episodes
will be released every two weeks. Follow the series here.

Watch the trailer below:


Everything I Did Wrong in My 20s

A 37-year-old unemployed woman reflects on the choices she
made in her 20s and starts her journey to finding happiness.

The web series is written and created by Kim Williams
("The Unwritten Rules"). Find new episodes here.

Watch Episode 1 below:

Docket 32357

Two women in a courtroom waiting area discover an ugly truth
they never wished to know. Written by Eljon Wardally and directed by Randy

All episodes are available here.
See Episode 1 below:


Life of Hers

Written by British-Nigerian writer Samantha Chioma and
directed by Ola Masha and Olan Collardy, "Life of Hers" follows the
lives, careers, and relationship trials of four millennial women in a big city.

The series will premiere in July. Follow the series here. Find a featurette below:


Five young women of color mysteriously get powers, become witches, and have to cope with the changes they inflict on their school.

Written and created by Lindsey McDowell, who also stars in the series as Gladys. Follow "MisSpelled" here.

See a trailer for the series below: