nullI predicted two weeks ago that Think Like A Man would be the film to knock The Hunger Games off of its No.1 box office perch where it's been sitting comfortably for the last month. But does anyone listen to me?

But Man grossed a very impressive $33 million this weekend much more than what industry experts were predicting, with the exception of EFilm Critic's Erik Childress who called it, with the Zac Efron romance drama The Lucky One coming in at No.2

And keep in mind that Man is showing in over 1000 screens LESS than The Lucky One which makes its weekend opening even more impressive. No need to cry though for The Hunger Games coming in at No.3 and which is well on its way to grossing $400 million domestically

1) Think Like a Man SGem $33,000,000

2) The Lucky One WB $22,805,000

3) The Hunger Games LGF $14,500,000 Total: $356,900,000

4) Chimpanzee BV $10,205,000

5) The Three Stooges Fox $9,200,000 Total:$29,355,000

6) The Cabin in the Woods LGF $7,750,000 Total:$26,980,000

7) American Reunion Uni. $5,200,000 Total:$48,300,000

8) Titanic 3D Par. $5,000,000 Total:$52,828,000

9) 21 Jump Street Sony $4,600,000 Total:$127,066,000  

10) Mirror Mirror Rela. $4,114,000 Total: $55,206,000

11) Wrath of the Titans WB $3,825,000 Total: $77,136,000

12) Lockout FD $3,094,000 Total: $11,063,000