nullI'm not going to deal with that 2016: Obama's America film which did so well this weekend, since Courtney below has done an excellent piece below on the film. Well except to allow me to say that if anyone had made a film on Willard (his real first name – like the rat) Romney and that cult he belongs to that believed that black people were the devil (as Chris Rock accurately said) until recently (and probably still do), who would go see it? 

Can you imagine anyone seeing a 2016: Romney's America film? In the film, slavery would probably be legal again.

But to get to this week, Sparkle, not surprisngly, dropped big time. I miscalculated when I said last week that the film would struggle to make $35 million total. At this point it's going to be a struggle to make $25 million.

Like I said, the orginal 1976 is so beloved by people, why would anyone to want to see an inferior remake of what is considered a cherished near classic? And the huge drop off is proof that word of mouth on the film isn't exactly great.

And though we haven't reported about it for a while, Beasts of the Southern Wild is playing on 212 screens, and has grossed so far $8.857,000. But the question is when will Fox Searchlight open it up on more screens? It's proven itself by now.

1) The Expendables 2 LGF $13,500,000 Total: $52,314,000
2) The Bourne Legacy Uni. $9,300,000 Total:$85,500,000
3) ParaNorman Focus $8,546,000 Total:$28,274,000
4) The Campaign WB $7,440,000 Total:$6Total:4,543,000
5) The Dark Knight Rises WB $7,150,000 Total:$422,188,000
6) The Odd Life of Timothy Green BV $7,125,000 Total:$27,080,000
7) Premium Rush Sony $6,300,000
8) 2016 Obama's America RM $6,238,000 Total:$9,075,000
9) Hope Springs Sony $6,000,000 =Total:$45,000,000
10) Hit and Run ORF $4,675,000 Total:$5,868,000
11) Sparkle TriS $4,200,000 Total:$18,900,000
12) The Apparition WB $2,955,000