Though it beat The
on Friday night, Anchorman 2 came in second with a solid
$26 million for a $40 million total to date, which is exactly
what was projected for the comedy sequel.  The Hobbit, once again no surprise, came in at No.
1 with David O. Russell’s American Hustle coming in fourth, with a solid $19 million nationwide opening.

Saving Mr. Banks
was something of a letdown, and A Madea Christmas dropped almost 50%
from last weekend. With $28 million
to date. Unless it does gangbuster business over the Xmas to New Year’s Day week,
it will be the lowest grossing Madea film ever for Tyler Perry, bringing up again the question of if his loyal audience is finally getting bored with the character.

Just a few days ago, a friend of mine told me that his
mother, who has been a loyal fan of Perry’s movies, but hadn’t bothered to see
his latest stuff, refused to see Madea Christmas, saying to him (and this is a direct
) that “I’m so tired of seeing him wearing a dress.

Has he jumped the

But the most interesting box office news this weekend is that
the Indian film Dhoom 3 opened with
just over $3.3 million, which is the
biggest opening ever for a Bollywood film
in North America.

Furthermore, the three hour film is only playing on just 236 screens, with a $14,000 per screen average, giving it,  far and away  the highest per screen average of any movie
currently. The action adventure film (which was partially shot in Chicago) not only, of course, was a box
office smash in India this weekend, it raked in almost $30 million worldwide.

Even in Pakistan,
where the government is trying to crackdown on Indian films, Dhoom 3 broke the
opening day gross for any film ever.

So you want to see it don’t you? Well take a look at the
trailer at the bottom of the article. Chicagoans will no doubt recognize some
very familiar locations such as City Hall, Millennium Park. Michigan Ave and
Lower Wacker Drive

1) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug WB $31,455,000  Total: $127,500,000 
2) Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Par. $26,776,000 Total: $40,000,000 
3) Frozen BV $19,163,000 Total: $191,555,000 
4) American Hustle Sony $19,100,000 Total: $20,200,000 
5) Saving Mr. Banks BV $9,321,000 Total: $9,947,000 
6) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire LGF $8,750,000 Total: $371,700,000 
7) Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas LGF $8,500,000 Total: $28,300,000 
8) Walking with Dinosaurs Fox $7,300,000 
9) Dhoom 3 Yash $3,305,000 
10) Thor: The Dark World BV $1,328,000 Total: $200,766,000 
11) Philomena Wein. $1,225,000 Total: $13,337,000 
12) Inside Llewyn Davis CBS $1,061,000 Total: $2,112,000