nullA Good Day to Die Hard – which director George Tillman Jr was originally offered and turned down because it was "too dumb" – was the No. 1 film this weekend.

The film is, without question, the worst and the worst reviewed of all the Die Hard films, but it stilll beat out Safe Haven and the Twilight wanna-be Beautiful Creatures. However this new Die Hard is almost certain to drop big next weekend.

As for Creatures, co-starring Viola Davis, it pretty much tanked this weekend. Needless to say, unlike Twilight, there aren't going to be any other Beaufitul Creatures sequels to follow.

1) A Good Day to Die Hard Fox $25,000,000 Total: $33,239,000
2) Identity Thief Uni. $23,437,000 Total: $70,725,000
3) Safe Haven Rela. $21,430,000 Total: $30,259,000
4) Escape From Planet Earth Wein. $16,066,000
5) Warm Bodies Sum. $9,000,000 Total: $50,221,000
6) Beautiful Creatures  WB $7,460,000 Total: $10,002,000
7) Side Effects  ORF $6,307,000 Total: $19,128,000
8) Silver Linings Playbook Wein. $6,088,000 Total: $98,462,000
9) Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Par. $3,470,000 Total: $49,699,000
10) Zero Dark Thirty Sony $3,100,000 otal: $88,029,000
11) Mama Uni. $2,793,000 Total: $68,274,000
12) Argo WB $2,230,000 Total: $126,893,000