Well surprise of surprises Kevin Hart isn’t Superman after all, but I’ll
get to that in a second.

As expected, The Lego Movie was number one again this weekend
with $31 million with over $183 million to date, while the two other major releases,
Pompeii and Three Days to Kill, were no match.

With  $10 million
in 3rd place, Pompeii was a big letdown (though
it’s certain to do better overseas), and Kill (which producer Luc Besson was hoping to be his next Taken, except it wasn’t) was in  2nd  place with  $12 million.

But the big surprise was that last week’s No. 2 film About
Last Night
 dropped an astounding 71%, down to sixth place with $7.4 million, with over $38 million total.

Not that the film in any way could be called a flop, but that
huge drop off evidently means that the word of mouth wasn’t as good as
hoped and that even Hart’s presence in the film is not of any help.

Seems that people will go see Hart, but only if it’s in a
role that they can accept him in or maybe Hart should have been the main star
of the film, and not have shared the film with Michael Ealy who no one could call a box office star or maybe the film just be really lousy and not even
Hart’s involvement could save it.

Anyone out there who has seen it, tell us what you think…

1) The LEGO Movie WB $31,450,000 Total: $183,160,000 
2) 3 Days to Kill Rela. $12,300,000 
3) Pompeii TriS $10,010,000 
4) RoboCop Sony $9,400,000 Total: $43,600,000 
5) The Monuments Men Sony $8,100,000  Total: $58,050,000 
6) About Last Night SGem $7,400,000 Total: $38,150,000 
7) Ride Along Uni. $4,667,000  Total: $123,173,000  
8) Frozen BV $4,357,000 -Total: $384,061,000 
9) Endless Love Uni. $4,301,000 Total: $20,142,000 
10) Winter’s Tale WB $2,130,000  Total:$11,224,000 
11) Lone Survivor Uni. $2,016,000 Total: $121,747,000 
12) American Hustle Sony $1,750,000 Total: $144,130,000