that Seth MacFarlane’s first "Ted" film grossed over half a billion dollars worldwide, the questions was not if there would be a sequel, but when it would be released, and also whether it come close to match the first "Ted’s" opening weekend box office of $54 million, back in June 2012.

Well it
didn’t; but keeping in mind what it was up against, it still did pretty well, all
things considered.

"Ted 2" came in 3rd place with $33 million, which
is a big drop from the first "Ted" movie. However, it’s not at all bad, considering that it was going
up against the two big b.o. juggernauts at the moment, in "Jurassic World" and "Inside Out."

And it was "Jurassic" which was No.1 again, for the third straight week, with $54 million, and
has now hit the half billion dollar mark domestically, and over one billion worldwide. It
just edged out Disney/Pixar’s "Inside out," which came in a very close second with $52 million.

Meanwhile, word of mouth for "Dope" has apparently not been good, as it dropped this weekend some 53%, from
5th place last week, down to 7th. However, I still believe,
as I stated last week, that releasing it at the wrong time, accompanied by an unclear marketing
campaign, is what seriously hurt the film from doing better at the box office.

Next weekend’s numbers should show a boost, because of the July 4th holiday, although is
anyone (I mean anyone?) really interested in seeing yet another "Terminator" movie – a watered down PG-13 one at

After the
first three films, they just should have stopped. The new "Terminator: Genisys" film looks like it could be headed to join "Tomorrowland" as one of the biggest
bombs of the summer. If there has been any public excitement for it at all, I haven’t
noticed; and the advance reviews, so far, have been so-so at best.

And don’t
forget about the sequel to the huge box office sleeper hit, "Magic Mike," "Magic
Mike XXL" (I assume they’re talking about shirt size right?), which could possibly
give all the top films a run for their money. We’ll know next weekend.

1) Jurassic World     Uni.     $54,200,000     Total: $500,100,000    
2) Inside Out     BV     $52,128,000     Total:$184,945,000    
3) Ted 2     Uni.     $33,000,000    
4) Max      WB     $12,210,000    
5) Spy     Fox     $7,800,000     Total:     $88,351,000    
6) San Andreas     WB     $5,275,000     Total: $141,871,000    
7) Dope     ORF     $2,862,000  Total:     $11,776,000    
8) Insidious Chapter 3     Focus     $2,025,000     Total: $49,816,000    
9) Mad Max: Fury Road     WB     $1,735,000         Total: $147,078,000
10) Avengers: Age of Ultron     BV     $1,643,000     Total: $452,428,000    
11) Pitch Perfect 2     Uni.     $1,400,000     Total:     $180,994,000    
12) Love & Mercy     RAtt.     $1,310,000     Total: $9,293,000