Star Trek

Only in the film business can a movie make $84 million over the weekend and still be considered
a disappointment. But that’s what some people are saying about Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Since it opened Weds night, the film
has grossed that amount, which is about equal to what the
previous Star Trek reboot made, during its first weekend in 2009, adjusted for today dollars. There were originally
predictions of a $100 million weekend, but it fell short. Still $84 million is definitely nothing to sneeze at.

Man 3
has already passed the $1 billion mark worldwide which explains why Robert Downey is reportedly
asking for the moon from Marvel Productions
and Disney, to reprise the role again.

Meanwhile 42
keeps chugging along, still in the top ten, approaching $90 million. The film could just edge out $95 million by the time it drops out of the top ten.

1) Star Trek Into Darkness Par. $70,555,000Total: $84,091,000 
2) Iron Man 3 BV $35,182,000  Total: $337,073,000 
3) The Great Gatsby WB $23,415,000 Total: $90,159,000
4) Pain and Gain Par. $3,100,000 Total: $46,574,000 
5) The Croods Fox $2,750,000 Total: $176,750,000 
6) 42 WB $2,730,000 Total: $88,735,000 
7) Oblivion Uni. $2,222,000 Total: $85,500,000 
8) Mud RAtt. $2,160,000 Total: $11,588,000 
9) Tyler Perry Presents Peeples LGF $2,150,000 Total: $7,858,000 
10) The Big Wedding LGF $1,100,000 Total: $20,198,000