No matter how you slice it Gravity is a major hit and deservedly so.

The film grossed a whopping $55.6 million making it the biggest October opening for any film ever, beating out the previous record holder, 2011’s Paranormal Activity 3, which
made $52.6 million in its opening

And of that $55.9 million, just over $11 million came from IMAX screenings, which was also an October record for IMAX theaters as

The film is also the biggest
opening for Sandra Bullock (who,
with the huge b.o. successes of The Heat,
The Blind Side and The Proposal, is currently the biggest
female movie star bar none) and George

with Ben Affleck
and Justin Timberlake flat-out bombed, with a measly $7.6 million, proving yet again that, as an actor Affleck is a terrific
director, and Timberlake is not a movie star, never was, and never will be.

Yeah sure, some people will say that he’s funny when he’s on
Saturday Night Live, but seriously, a
loaf of Wonder Bread has more
charisma and personality than Timberlake (and some would say more flavor as
well). They keep putting him in movies, and audiences keep saying, we’re not
interested. What scandalous pictures of some producers or studio executives does
he have? They must be really shocking.

As for Baggage
, the film dropped over 50% down to 7th place, and though Lee Daniel’s The Butler has slipped out of the top ten, it’s still
raking in dough, with a total, so far, of $112.4

1) Gravity WB $55,550,000 
2) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Sony $21,500,000  Total: $60,557,000 
3) Runner Runner Fox $7,600,000 
4) Prisoners WB $5,700,000 Total: $47,880,000 
5) Rush Uni. $4,408,000 Total: $18,095,000
6) Don Jon Rela. $4,160,000 Total: $16,077,000 
7) Baggage Claim FoxS $4,125,000 Total: $15,185,000 
8) Insidious Chapter 2 FD $3,876,000 -Total: $74,750,000 
9) Pulling Strings LGF $2,500,000 
10) Enough Said FoxS $2,150,000 Total: $5,387,000 
11) Instructions Not Included LGF $1,850,000 Total: $41,266,000
12) We’re the Millers WB $1,610,000 Total: $144,900,000