That reformatted 3D version of The Lion King took everyone by surprise, making the No.1 spot on this weekend’s box office list. The re-release of the film, which is playing for a limited two week run, is really nothing more than a big promo stunt for the blu-ray DVD release of the film which is coming out on October 4, and the eventual 3D blu-ray release in a few months. I want to say there are a lot of suckers out there, but I’ll be nice. I guess there’s nothing right now to take the kids to.

Not surprisingly, Straw Dogs tanked, but then again, who’s moronic idea it was to remake Sam Peckinpah’s 1971 masterpiece with Dustin Hoffman and Susan George? Do yourself a favor and see the original, which was also just released on bu-ray DVD.

And Kevin Hart’s Laugh at My Pain comedy concert film is still doing well, grossing a total of $3,558,000 so far, in only 230 screens. Not bad for a film that reportedly cost only $75,000 to make.

This week’s list:

1) The Lion King BV $29,300,000
2) Contagion WB $14,480,000 Total: $44,192,000
3) Drive FD $11,019,000
4) The Help BV $6,438,000Total:$147,365,000
5) Straw Dogs SGem $5,000,000
6) I Don’t Know How She Does It Wein. $4,502,000
7) The Debt Focus $2,945,897 Total:$26,543,546
8) Warrior LGF $2,770,000 Total:$9,912,000
9) Rise of the Planet of the Apes Fox $2,625,000Total:$171,618,000
10) Colombiana TriS $2,300,000 Total:$33,347,000
11) Shark Night 3D Rela. $1,820,000 Total:$17,329,000
12) Crazy, Stupid, Love. WB $1,600,000 Total:$80,770,000