WHAT AGAIN? The 3D reformatted version of Disney’s The Lion King was No. 1 again this weekend. Hey folks, didn’t you hear me last week? It’s coming out on standard and 3D blu-ray next Tuesday October 4. The DVD is hell of lot cheaper than spending $100 to take the family to see the damn movie in the theaters. Oh well… no one listens to me.

Moneyball was No. 2, which, for me, is this year’s The Social Network. In other words an O.K. movie that EVERYONE is going to be raving about, but I don’t get it. For Moneyball, I couldn’t really get into it, I guess because I’m in complete agreement with what Bill Cosby said about baseball years ago, that it’s “just nine guys standing out in a field doing nothing.” I mean watching cloud formations is more exciting; so dull that half the time the announcers are talking about something else other than the game.

John Singleton’s Abduction starring that funny looking shirtless guy from those Twilight movies didn’t do as well as hoped. Though insiders pretty much hit it on the head about what the film would pull over the weekend, citing that shirtless guy’s limited appeal, mainly to squealing 14 year old tween girls.

The week’s list:

1) Lion King 3D (Disney) Weekend $22.1M Cume $61.6M
2) Moneyball (Sony) Weekend $20.7M Weekend
3) Dolphin Tale (Warner Bros) Weekend $20.2M
4) Abduction (Lionsgate) Weekend $11.1M
5) Killer Elite (Open Road) Weekend $9.5M
6. Contagion (Participant/Warner Bros) Weekend $8.5M, Cume $57.1M
7. Drive (FilmDistrict) Weekend $6M, Cume $21.6M
8. The Help (Participant/DreamWorks/Disney] Weekend $4.4M, Cume $154.4M
9. Straw Dogs (Sony) Weekend $2.1M Cume $8.8M
10. I Don’t Know How She Does It (Weinstein Co) Weekend $2M, Cume $8M