Production companies belonging to Wendy Williams and Suzanne de Passe (Wendy Williams Productions and de Passe Jones Entertainment) have teamed up to develop projects for TV and film.

The plan is to jointly develop and distribute original projects for both the big and small screens (movies and series) which will be targeted to a diverse audience under the "Wendy Williams Presents" banner.

"The goal of this strategic partnership is to bring the very best movies of every ilk to the general public and greatly enhance the diversity, content and quality of offerings currently available,said de Passe Jones co-chairman Madison Jones.

And further, from Suzanne de Passe: "We are looking forward to expanding her brand and audience in all areas of filmed and scripted entertainment."

The "her" she's referring to in that quote of course is Wendy Williams.

Keep in mind that, as we announced last fall, Suzanne de Passe has a 3-year "first-look" deal with Universal Pictures via her de Passe Jones production company.

Never really been much of a Wendy Williams fan (I'm really not her target demo anyway), but I'm certainly curious to see what this new partnership produces.