Wendy Williams’ family are scared for Williams’ health after the former talk show host alleged she had gotten married to a New York police officer.

According to Page Six, Williams’ family are worried that Williams is surrounded by individuals who don’t have her best interests at heart. As reported earlier in the week, Williams told friend and Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee that she had married a police officer named Henry.

Her family, on the other hand, has told Page Six that Williams has never mentioned getting married.

William Selby, Williams’ jeweler and now representative, told Page Six is not married and that she’s merely excited about her relationship. But Williams reasserted her marriage claims, with Hollywood Unlocked releasing the audio call to the public.

During the call with Lee, Williams also alleged that her American Express card had stopped working, leading Selby and another close friend to help her keep access to one of her financial accounts. She also allegedly revealed another shocker: that she has asked her team to keep everyone, except her son Kevin Hunter Jr., separated from her. This is different from what Tommy Williams, her brother, alleged in July. According to him, Williams has kept Kevin Jr. away from her, despite her son coming to visit her for her birthday.

In a video on his YouTube page, Tommy Williams, Williams' brother, seemed to allude to the new allegations by saying, "I think it's a travesty, I think it's very sad that family down here has to function and figure it all out, how to function, while Wendy struggles to get herself back…in stride."

“We have an abundance of love, patience and knowledge of Wendy…to be able to assist her far better than she’s assisting herself and the few people around her who are causing nothing but dysfunction and pulling her in the opposite direction,” he said, eventually directly addressing Lee’s decision to post his conversation with Williams on Hollywood Unlocked.

"I don't know this fellow who did some phone call and recorded it, great, that shows how friendly he is, right? A real friend," Tommy said, adding "..I hope that got you [Lee] everything that you were looking for. Don't know what your character is…but you know what? Great. What a friend."

Tommy continued, saying that Williams should “pull herself off the shelf and get better.” He also clarified that despite what Williams might have told Lee about family not being able to talk to her, family has been in contact with Williams the entire time.

“Nobody’s pushed any family away and family can’t talk to Wendy, only her son, that’s a lie. I talk to Wendy all the time,” he said. “…Family’s in touch with Wendy, Wendy’s in touch with family. We would just like more. I think we’re not getting anywhere by her being up there. She has too much independence and not enough hands on deck. She has too many evil-doers lurking about trying to find opportunities to thrive [despite] Wendy’s welfare right now, and she doesn’t need that right now. Nobody needs that.”

Currently, Williams is supposedly working on a new podcast with Selby called 'The Wendy Experience.'

Watch the video below: