Just a quick thought…

So can we just say that Chad Coleman's casting as Tyreese in The Walking Dead maybe indicates some kind of precognition, or let's say a set-up for his eventual casting as Luke Cage in the long-awaited, much-anticipated and discussed big screen adaptation of the Marvel character?

That's right, it's all already planned folks; Marvel and the producers of The Walking Dead are in cahoots on this thing. Marvel heard your cries for a Luke Cage movie, with Chad Coleman in the starring role (well, not all of you mentioned him as your top choice for the part; but many did – not only on this site, but across the movie and comic book blogosphere); and they had to think of a way to work Coleman into mainstream consciousness, so that by the time the studio is set to begin development on a Luke Cage movie, Coleman would practically be a household name, given the immense popularity of the TV series (The Walking Dead), and the prime, pivotal role he's been tapped to play in it – Tyreese.

Most probably know Coleman from The Wire, and nothing else, even though he's been working consistently since that series went off the air; although nothing that really attracted attention. And Marvel would probably prefer to cast a name/face that many are familiar with AND like – especially as Cage.

Coleman is such an underrated actor, and, as I said yesterday, the man's a stud! He emits strength on screen, and does it kind of effortlessly. There's a quiet intensity to him that I think most who know his work, appreciate, and he's able to make you care about the characters he plays, no matter who they are. Plus he has this *blue collar,* working man's air about him, that I think makes him a great choice for Luke Cage, who's sometimes known as a "blue collar superhero."

Look folks – it works out perfectly!! So humor me for a minute… Marvel hopes he blows up on The Walking Dead, making him enough of a *name* to cast in a Luke Cage movie! 

So you can forget Idris Elba, Michael Jai White, and all the other names that have been mentioned for the part; I think it's locked up! I think Marvel has made up their minds on this already, and have set in motion a plan to make sure they get their man – Chad Coleman!

It's all part of a master plan, I tell ya! I see you Marvel and Walking Dead producers; I see what you're doing there… alright now…

Ok, I'm done! And you can print that!