nullThe film’s first trailer, which I published on this blog yesterday, was for its upcoming already set release in France, and thus was in French with no English subtitles. Today, the filmmakers thankfully sent over an English-subtitled version of the trailer for us to share, and it’s embedded below.

A quick recap…

The upcoming French animated feature film is titled "Adama," and it hails from directors Simon Rouby and Julien Lilti, produced by Naia Productions, and is scheduled for an October 21, 2015 theatrical debut – in France.

In development for three years, the film, set in 1916, in colonized West Africa, tells the story of a young boy named Adama, who goes in search of his brother, a rifleman with the French army during the First World War. His journey (by truck, ship, and train) takes him to Verdun, a small city in north-eastern France, and the site of a major battle during the First World War – one of the costliest battles of the war. It’s a trip into the unknown, to an entirely different world the boy knows nothing about, putting him face-to-face with the horrors of war.

Starring in the film, providing voice for the 12-year-old boy is Azize Diabaté, who co-starred in 2013’s "La Cite Rose" – a drama profiled on this blog, directed by Julien Abraham. He’s joined by Pascal Nzonzi and Oxmo Puccino.

The film is currently in post-production.

No word yet on a Stateside debut of the film, but once I know, so will you. In the meantime, check out the English-subtitled trailer below, hot off the presses: