Let me say first that there are some truly amazing films on this list (to see the full list, click HERE) and if you haven't seen most of these, I suggest firing up that Netflix account or going HERE to find out how to watch these films.

OK, it's a shame that the only film the African diaspora on this list is Battle of Algiers. Granted it is an amazing film, and these films are all great, but this list shows a couple of things:

– One, lists are difficult to create, especially when the criteria is not clearly defined (I ordered a copy of the magazine that will give better insight behind the poll);

– And two, there are not enough of "us" as critics and tastemakers.

And so this list also leads me to ask: will our films ever be included in the major film canon?

There's no such thing as affirmative action with these tastemakers, and I don't think that a film should be included just because they need a black film on the list.

My question is, are there any films of high cinematic quality (as defined by these tastemakers) with black subjects, worthy of being on this list?

I don't have answers to any of these question, only suggestions, thoughts, ideas, and discussion.

So let's discuss.

For the next poll in 2022, which black films should be included and why?

What is your top 10 list of greatest black films (directed by black filmmakers) of all time?

Here's my top 10 black film list in no particular order. My criteria being, aesthetically strong, solid script, historical significance, and being directed by a director in the African diaspora.

Within Our Gates

Black Girl (Sembene's masterpiece)


Sweet Sweetback’s Baadassss Song

Touki Bouki

Killer of Sheep

Min Ye

Do the Right Thing

Daughters of the Dust

Malcolm X