The fall TV season hasn't arrived yet, but we at least now know what new shows got picked up (and those that weren't), we've even seen some early looks at some of these new shows, so we have some idea of what to expect from a few of them.

Given that this is a blog that focuses on black media, we've highlighted most, if not all the upcoming new TV titles that feature black actors (especially those with black actors in prominent roles in the series they're in), like Meagan Good's Infamous on NBC, Andre Braugher in ABC's The Last Resort, of course Gabrielle Union in Being Mary Jane on BET, and several others.

And with all that, here's the survey question of the week: what new show (or shows) debuting next season are you most excited about seeing? 

I should add that they DO NOT have to be "black shows," or shows with black people in starring or supporting roles. 

Dig in, while I go write up some stuff.