Living in vibrant, culture-filled cities like New Orleans and Atlanta often inspired the artist in me. A beautiful mural or a house with fun colors would grab my attention, and I had to capture the moment immediately for Instagram or Snapchat.

I usually have my best friend with me when these opportunities present themselves and, naturally, it turns into a photo shoot. We take as many pictures as we can of the art, of ourselves, of each other — whatever best showcases our excitement about our environment.

Unfortunately, while the BFF and I are reveling in public art and beautiful scenery, we sometimes run into a few issues. We’ve discovered the public photo shoot is not as well respected as we might think. Other people might not notice the beauty of what we have just discovered and might not understand why we would be taking AT LEAST 50 pictures each.

In an attempt to help others understand how to treat a public photo shoot, here are your dos and don’ts when you happen upon one:

DON’T walk in the picture. It’s sad that I have to list this one but photobombing is not cute to me.

DO tell me if there is a better angle that I’m not catching.

DON’T rush me. I’m pretty good at noticing when I see someone else wants to nab a picture in the same spot. I promise I’ll move quickly, as long as I get the shot I need.

DON’T ask questions. This is what I do for entertainment — just keep it moving.

DO offer to take a group picture for us. I mean, please offer to take a group picture for us.

DO be honest. If you just took a picture of my friends and I, tell me if we look crazy.

DON’T play with the settings on my camera unless you know what you’re doing.

DO ask if I can take your picture. I’m happy to share good spots with others!

DON’T forget about that spot/city. Go back, take friends, share the gems of your world.

Which cities do you love for public photo shoots? Let us know in the comments below!