nullWhile taking a break from watching the presidential election coverage (the suspense is getting too unbearable), I perused the internet and came across a mention, in passing, about the film Queen of Media.

You remember that film, don't know? You don't? That was the Wendy Williams bio-pic movie starring Robin Givens, who was handpicked by Williams to play her in the film.

Though Williams herself also appears in the film. How they were going to pass off the both of them as the same person is anybody's guess.

The film was written by Jim Yoakum and produced and directed by both Furgaan Clover and Richard S. Miller , and shooting on the film wrapped in August 2009. However the filmmakers went back and shot a different ending for the film later that summer.

The film must be finished because lists the running time at an epic length 147 minutes. But, to date, not a peep or even a single image has been seen of the film, to my knowledge.

I even found an interview with Givens done back in July 2011, in which she was asked about the film, and her response was: "We shot the movie already two summers back. I don't know when it comes out. It was a feature film. I really don't know."

Well that clears things up. If anyone out there knows, could you tell us?