Donald Glover

Fans of The Donald, I guess we could anoint him (aka Donald Glover) will know that, earlier this year, he suddenly, and without explanation, withdrew from social media, stopped updating his website as frequently (now it just shows the title of the website at the top of the page and a blank text box in which you’re able to enter an email address). His Twitter account became more and more esoteric, his Instagram account was cleaned out, and, just like that, Donald Glover, social media prince, had all-but disappeared from the medium that was instrumental in garnering him his large and faithful following.

And then last night, he posted the below video to his Twitter page, with the words: “director’s cut next week.” 

He added in a second tweet: “this was shot on film btw.

Nothing else.

Needless to say, the blogosphere is abuzz about what exactly this might be – some saying it might be a trailer for an upcoming secret film, or maybe advertising for his next album under his Childish Gambino handle, and more. 

Nobody knows with certainty, but it’s certainly generated lots of conversation, all of which I’m sure Mr Glover hoped for.

See if you can figure it all out yourselves. Flying LotusTrinidad James, Danielle Fishel, porn star Abella Anderson, and Chance the Rapper all feature: