All black girls know the struggle that is maintaining a straight hairstyle when humidity happens. In those last days of summer, it's often curls time. Each style is an expression of our versatile beauty, but to racists, the latter isn't acceptable for television.

In Jackson, Tennessee, WBBJ TV meteorologist Corallys Ortiz decided to switch her usually straight hair for her natural curls for a recent weather report. However, one viewer wasn't feeling the new look. 

Because bigotry. 

According to Ortiz, after appearing on air, she received a voicemail from an unidentified woman who said, “To the weather girl tonight, please don’t wear your hair like that anymore. It just doesn’t look good at all. Change it back to something more normal. Not something that’s all n****ry lookin’." 


"I write this because these past few days I’ve been giving my hair a bit of a break from this heat and humidity and not having to straighten it so often," the meteorologist wrote on Facebook on Monday. "This is only my second round wearing it the 10 months I’ve been in Tennessee. I’ve received so much positive feedback from viewers about the brief hair change I have going on and how they enjoy seeing my curly hair. Many people appreciate the representation I’ve given to those wanting to wear their hair in their natural state."

"Unfortunately, working in the TV industry there is always going to be criticism as well. We’ll focus all day in trying to get a report or forecast in, but to just end up getting criticized for wearing a certain clothing or having a certain hairdo from viewers at the end of the day," she continued. "In my case, early Sunday night, a viewer who goes by Donna felt that my hair wasn’t up to 'her standards.' The following video just reflects back to everything I just said about criticism and dealing with what is considered 'cultural or racial ignorance.' Racism for short. It is very clear you can hear what she says and it’s something I don’t condone."


After posting the voicemail, Ortiz did receive some love to combat that hate in the form of flowers.

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