Alvin Kamara taught an Alabama high school student a valuable lesson when it comes to using derogatory language — especially with those who are unfamiliar with you. The 27-year-old New Orleans Saints running back is a fan favorite on the field and amongst those who participate in fantasy football. With Kamara’s contributions to the Saint’s recent win over the Seattle Seahawks, he made a huge impact on anyone who had him on their fantasy team. Though excitement is to be expected with such victory, one fan got a little carried away.

The fan, Dane Hawkins, is a student at Hokes Bluff High School in Hokes Bluff, Alabama. Hawkins thought it would be a good idea to congratulate Kamara on the win by sending him a private message on Instagram. However, the message he chose to send was not in the best taste.

“Good game N****,” Hawkins messaged Kamara shortly before 10 a.m.

Clearly, Kamara didn’t appreciate Hawkins’ choice in salutations.

“If I snapshot this and send it to your head coach at Hokes what happens,” he replied.

Knowing that things just got real, the high schooler was swift to apologize.

“My bad I didn’t think you actually received these. I am a huge fan I have had you every year in fantasy,” Hawkins continued to plead his case but Kamara wasn’t convinced.

HuffPost‘s senior front page editor, Philip Lewis tweeted images of the exchange that Kamara and Dawkins had via Instagram.