Dale Trent, Jr. of Oklahoma has been accused of driving his car recklessly towards a black 14-year old girl and her siblings following claims that the girl bullied his daughter, KFOR-TV reports.

A witness, Michael Jackson, was in his car near the bus stop the children were gathered at when the incident happened.

Jackson says that the siblings were exiting the bus and getting into a car, Trent charged at the siblings at top speed.

"[He] headed straight at them, straight at the car," Jackson said. "He was parked at an angle behind [my car] and when he came, his angle shot him straight towards them."

Jackson claims that Trent came within 10 feet of running the girl down. "One of the kids ran away from him because he thought he was going to hit him," Jackson added. As Trent drove at the students, he allegedly yelled racial slurs at them, and threatened to kill them.

Jackson went on to say that even if he wasn't trying to harm the siblings, he very well could have by mistake. "He was deliberately trying to scare her. Was he going to hit them? I don`t think so, but when you`re spinning on gravel like that, you don`t have that much control."

Trent has a different version of events. He claims that he drove up to the girl to confront her after his daughter came to his crying, accusing the girl of bullying her on the school bus.

"'Why do you keep picking on my child?'" Trent says he said. "And she wouldn't answer me. I said, 'You need to keep your hands off my child.'"

Trent denies saying any racial slurs. He has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. 

"If there`s problems or problems on the bus, you talk. You don`t peel out and scare kids, and you don`t confront a young kid. I mean, that`s ridiculous. He was trying to intimidate them, " Jackson ended.