A video of an emboldened white man getting getting knocked out at a gas station has gone viral. 

The Chronicle reports that the altercation took place at a Circle K gas station in Ohio. The minute-and-a-half video shows an unidentified Black man enduring being repeatedly called a "n***a" from a belligerent white guy before ultimately acquainting him with the floor. 

The recording, posted to Twitter on Christmas Eve, has garnered well over a million views and began with a caption that forewarned viewers of what was to come.

“Hi! Couple things. This is NOT my video lmao I'm just simply sharing it to spread the joy of seeing a racist get his shit cooked,” the poster wrote. “Just stop saying n***a if you're not black. LMFAO. It's literally not hard at all.”

The video started with the white man cursing and flexing about where he was from. He taunted the Black man, who stood in line behind him with the spiked tea, by asking him if he was from around the way. 

“I’m not trying to disrespect you, bro, I’m not. I’m gonna say ‘n***a’ all day, every day. Are you kidding me? Where you from, n***a? Where you from? Where you from,” the brazen man asked.

“Here, n***a,” the Black man barked back.

“From here? Get the f**k outta here—you a clown, n***a. On God, you a clown,” the antagonist replied.

The interaction escalated as the white guy became more aggressive. The Black man picked up the can of Twisted Tea, prompting the white man to inviting the irritated man to smack him. He also kicked at the can after the man dropped it. 

The pop-off prince was then hit with the can of tea, sending him down to the ground and into a trash can before pummeling him and punching him, daring him to call him a "n***a" again. 

The person recording the video can be heard saying, "you got yours buddy," following the Twisted Tea pummel.

In the aftermath of the beating, the white man can be seen recovering from the beating but he doesn't utter the word "n***a" again. 

One Twitter user who got wind of the video saw a fitting representation of their neighborhood in the Twisted Tea man.

Another confirmed that playing stupid games wins stupid prizes.

Someone used the moment to get a photo with the "Twisted Tea Guy."

Lt. James Welsh of the Elyria Police Department told The Chronicle that the incident hadn’t been reported. 

”It has obviously gone viral on the internet, but to my knowledge, it was never called in or reported,” Welsh said.